The Red Mile

Development Plan

Lexington, KY

The Red Mile Development Plan (RMDP) is a progressive infill development project located in the heart of Lexington at the nation’s second oldest standing chariot racing venue, The Red Mile.

The Red Mile is a 138-acre plot surrounded by mid-high density residential development and light-heavy industrial land use. The RMDP utilizes 62 acres of the site's prime land that fronts along Red Mile Road. The concept plan includes, nearly 300,000 sf of commercial space +/- 200 residential units, +/- 50,000 square feet of office space and open space including a greenway.

The RMDP strives to enhance the existing historic fabric on site while also providing new opportunities to the region. The development is one of if not the first major mixed-use developments in Lexington and is designed to be a walkable community and an entertainment destination that will utilize major destination retail, restaurants, and an improved Red Mile race track facility to attract visitors and residents.

Implementation Highlights:

  • +/- 200 Residential Units
  • +/- 250,000 Sq. ft. of Retail
  • +/- 25,000 Sq. ft. of Office
  • +/- 90-120 Room Hotel
  • +/- 30,000 Sq. ft. Entertainment Complex

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