City of Raleigh

Cameron Village and Hillsborough Street Small Area Plans

Raleigh, NC

The Cameron Village and Hillsborough Street Small Area Plans were interconnected planning efforts for a very desirable area of intown Raleigh.

The Cameron Village study area is a series of well-established neighborhoods surrounding the Cameron Village Shopping Center, one of the country’s first outdoor shopping centers. Hillsborough Street is the interstitial commercial street forming the town-gown relationship between the University Park neighborhoods and North Carolina State University.

The plan seeks to invest heavily in completing bicycle, pedestrian and transit networks, while also making operational improvements for traffic operations and improving the accessibility of retail parking.  It also built consensus on the density and character of expected new infill development.  Through coordination with City of Raleigh staff, public input at several public workshops, online surveys and extensive involvement by an Advisory Committee, the recommendations for the study were focused on nine overall planning strategies:

  1. Create Unique Districts 
  2. Complete Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks
  3. Improve and Expand Parks & Open Space
  4. Increase Transit Options
  5. Distribute and Calm Traffic
  6. Plan for Additional Parking Needs 
  7. Refine Proposed Zoning 
  8. Promote Quality Design 
  9. Plan for Implementation

Practice Areas

Districts & Corridors