City of Prattville

Prattville Comprehensive Plan

Prattville, AL

The City of Prattville is an old Alabama mill town that is experiencing a new kind of boom.

As a nearby suburb of the rapidly growing state capitol, Prattville has itself already experienced rapid growth, and is anticipating additional development in the coming decade. To accommodate, the City sought to update its Comprehensive Plan, which dated from 1996, and focus on how to plan for the future while also preserving its historic mill past.

Urban Collage/Lord Aeck Sargent partnered with Sain Engineering to create an approach that started with a high level assessment and analysis and gradually worked down to targeted areas of detail. Throughout the process, a comprehensive plan for public involvement and consensus building was designed to ensure that the plan was driven by the City and its citizens. As of June 2009, the effort, known as “Project Prattville”, had moved into its final phase, developing the plan for action and implementation.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Development of a project website, logo and name based on public input 
  • Implementation of an on-line visioning survey to reach residents who could not attend workshops
  • Separate Advisory and Client Group work sessions to better plan out the issues addressed by the citizens
  • Coordinated publicity efforts led to unprecedented attendance at public workshops
  • Sustainability analyses that show how “green” certain sections of the City are, relative to walkability and access to greenspace, schools and amenities

Practice Areas

Districts & Corridors