City of Suwanee

Suwanee 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Suwanee, GA

20 years ago, Suwanee’s first Comprehensive Plan laid out a vision for Suwanee to evolve from a suburban bedroom community into a sustainable place by managing growth.

The City’s land use policies embraced smart growth and pedestrian-oriented development principles. Marked by a change in development patterns from separated land uses to more walkable, connected, mixed-use neighborhoods, Suwanee became a leader for this type of development and is known for its sense of place.

After two decades of growth, smart planning and thoughtful place-making projects such as Town Center, the Suwanee 2040 Comprehensive Plan sets a course for the next 20 years. The long range plan envisions a thriving downtown surrounding Town Center Park, preserves established single family neighborhoods to enhance quality of life for Suwanee’s residents, highlights new growth areas where industrial uses might transition into other uses such as housing, and suggests a fully connected system of roads, bike facilities, open spaces, and greenway trails.

The planning effort built upon many recent plans, including several completed by Lord Aeck Sargent (and LAS predecessor Urban Collage). The planning process focused heavily on the helping stakeholders and elected officials understand the important tradeoffs and implications of various growth strategies and increased density and the resulting amenities and public benefits that ensure.


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