Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation

Five Points Master Plan

Knoxville, TN

In 2013, KCDC engaged Lord Aeck Sargent, as part of a team, to develop a Five Points Master Plan as the next step in the revitalization process for the public housing sites of Lee Williams Senior Complex and Walter P. Taylor Homes and the overall Five Points Neighborhood.

This phase was mainly focused on the public housing sites, which originally had 500 housing units and out of which 183 had been demolished in 2012. The Master Plan is intended to serve as a blueprint for the redevelopment of these housing sites, which would serve as a catalytic effect in re-energizing the surrounding community by providing better housing opportunities and a better quality of life.

The area is located in East Knoxville and was originally known as Park City. For the purposes of taking a comprehensive approach to the revitalization strategy a bigger focus study area was identified, which includes the target housing sites and encompasses the surrounding residential areas and commercial corridor to the north.

The four-phase planning process was completed in six months and included existing conditions assessment, stakeholder interviews, Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings, community visioning and workshops, Neighborhood Framework development, site development strategies, conceptual plan for the catalytic sites – Lee Williams and Walter P. Taylor, housing prototypes and implementation/phasing strategies.


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