Louisville Metro

Richmont Terrace Neighborhood Development Guide

Louisville, KY

Louisville Metro, its partners and area stakeholders undertook a neighborhood revitalization and housing effort beginning in 2010 with the benefit of a Neighborhood Stabilization grant.

The effort is intended to combat vacant and deteriorated properties and expand and protect homeownership opportunity in the Richmont Terrace neighborhood. The target area is located in Metro Council District 1 and is about 8 miles southwest of Downtown Louisville. It is within a mid-century modern neighborhood and is surrounded by retail and industries.

Lord Aeck Sargent was engaged to help create a comprehensive Development Plan for the targeted blocks and create design guidelines for site planning and architectural design of future housing and development.

The three-phase process included inventory and analysis of current conditions to provide an understanding of the major issues and opportunities affecting the target area; community meetings to engage the neighborhood residents and stakeholders, client team work sessions, development plan and design guidelines development. 


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