LAS Sustainability Philosophy

At Lord Aeck Sargent, we strive to incorporate sustainability in both the projects we design and in the way that we operate.  First, and most critical, is addressing the impact of the buildings we
design.  We do that with a primary focus on high-performance design. We attempt to do that in a quantitative, rather than an intuitive fashion, through the use of in-house building science expertise that includes energy modeling and daylight analysis, solar geometry studies and climate analysis. This expertise allows us to understand how complex building systems and the climate
interact and to evaluate and prioritize the effectiveness of building design decisions and energy efficiency measures.

Our six Design Core Values holistically embody responsible, sustainable design:

  • Functional buildings that improve our surroundings aesthetically and environmentally.
  • Durability and maintainability are essential to a successful facility; without a lasting building, the benefits of other sustainable design principles are diluted.
  • Sensitive buildings with minimal site disturbance.
  • Efficient buildings to optimize energy performance. Strategies including HVAC energy management systems and occupancy sensors reduce energy requirements for heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Responsible buildings that reduce the depletion of our planet’s limited resources through careful selection and innovative uses of building materials.
  • Healthy buildings that improve the quality of users’ lives. We create healthful indoor environments through the careful design of ventilation, selection of low-VOC emitting materials and the provision of daylight and exterior views.

Second, we seek to green our business operations through a corporate cultural commitment to sustainability and equity. Our Green Operations Plan drives sustainability in our business operations. For more than a decade, we have been a fully climate neutral organization, purchasing 100% green power to power the office and offsetting emissions from airline and vehicle travel associated with our projects. The recent relocation and renovation of our Atlanta office achieved LEED Platinum certification, and our JUST Label is testament to our commitment to equity and transparency.